The Most Useful Features of Municipal Websites

The Most Useful Website Features and the Best Ways Municipal Websites Can Improve

– According to Municipal Clerks

In a survey of Municipal Clerks across the county the following website features we identified as the ones used most often or the ones most needed.

Top Three Benefits of Municipalities’ Current Websites:

  • Minutes & Agendas
  • News & Notices
  • Election Forms

The ability to provide residents with the most accurate and up-to-date information possible is undoubtedly a huge advantage of websites.

Some features that have been helpful to residents are:

  • Municipal Ordinances
  • Meeting Notices
  • Community Calendar

Online services and the ability to fill in forms and applications were listed as major benefits of municipal websites.

The following online resources are used most often:

  • Online Payments
  • Building Forms
  • Permit Applications

The following Items were listed as areas in need of improvement:

  • Making Information easier to post and update
  • Making information easier to find on the website
  • Improving the look and usability of the website

If any of these features are things you would like to see added to your town’s website, call us for more information.