Creating a Compelling Home page.

Stand Out!

Your Home Page is your first chance to make an impression. After all, that’s how most visitors will enter your site. Make your message persuasive, as well as visually appealing, so anyone who lands there is encouraged to walk through the door to the other pages of your site.

It's not about you!

Your visitors are at your website because they have a need or a problem. Talk first about their problems, their needs, their situation. After you’ve addressed these issues, then you can talk about how you can help.

Hopefully, if your reader is an actual high-quality prospect, they have arrived at your website with just the type of problem YOU are happy to solve for them. Hopefully for profit. And fun.

Suggest that you have a solution. You don’t need to go into all the details on the home page, but just suggest that you have one, and that if they get in touch, the pain can stop even sooner.

Be specific. Vague, superlative words have little impact on your prospect. People tune out words like “greatness,” “excellence,” and “quality.” To counter this, give a specific example that helps your visitor visualize the greatness or quality of your product.